I love to think of people, and draw what that feels like and how I see them. This started with friends years ago; surprising them with framed drawings of appreciation. 2D “I love you”s ♡
. . .
I started to receive requests for these portraits from people I didn’t know, who had seen the ones I’d made for friends or in my website gallery. I wasn’t sure I could do it for those I didn’t closely know, but quickly came to see I loved to draw and celebrate anyone who requests a portrait. I’m inspired by everyone, each essence unique and truly worthy of celebration!

“Soul Sisters” - for Wendy and Nancy

“Soul Sisters” - for Wendy and Nancy

“Easeful Warrior” for Hillary

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait:

  • Amazing! ♡♡

  • Contact me via the form at the bottom of this page

  • We have a video chat, or meet up in person for a bit if you live in the Squamish BC area, and I email you a few questions I’d love to hear your answers to

  • If you decide to go ahead, I begin the portrait upon payment; either all at once or 50% at start and 50% upon completion 

  • Portraits range from $250-$550 depending on size; which includes the drawing, matting, and frame from my collection. Each chosen just for you after we’ve communicated

  • Shipping is $50 CAD within Canada, $75 CAD to USA, and $100 CAD to anywhere else in the world (sorry I know shipping costs are bunk)

  • Free delivery if you live in Squamish ☻

  • Your portrait will be finished 2-4 weeks from initial payment

The whole experience of connecting with Megan via email and of her creating the soul portrait is one of joy and grace. Megan offers a beautiful service and keeps you well informed during the creative process as well as great follow up. Absolutely love Megan’s artwork, it is intuitive, soulful and displays a lovely interconnectedness. Thank you Megan for creating this enchanting soul portrait, I love connecting with it and it inspires me each day!
— Monika (Portrait: "Ursa Major")
When I met up with Megan for the first time, you could feel the creative energy surrounding her almost immediately. One hour easily felt like 5 as she asked me about who I was, where I came from, and who I wanted to be. Megan puts her heart and soul into every project she does, spreading her unique flavour and essence into every piece. Not to be understated, while there is no doubt Megan is an incredible artist, she is an even better person, who will do anything she can to make sure you love what you receive.
— Chris (Portrait: "You Know The Way")

⫷ I look forward to connecting with you and creating your personal portrait ⫸

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Your name
Price is based off of size of portrait, matting, and frame together. I've collected frames I like over the years, and each differ in size, material and character. After we chat and you give me the go-ahead, I will select a frame and matting that I feel is best for your portrait :)