Hello ♡

It’s a great privilege to traverse this earth a while and get to know myself and all beyond our skin suits. I love and respect nature and its creatures (including us), and know we have the greatest potential to take care of and live in seamless harmony with this precious planet that gives us everything. It is painfully nonsensical to destroy the ground we stand on and pollute the air we breathe.

I use unrecyclable materials for the bulk of any 3D structures I make; including used paint tubes, chip bags, plastic wrap, avocado nets, old christmas tree ornaments, and other random stuff that would otherwise go in the garbage. I have collected many half-used household paint cans, mostly left by landlords/old tenants in places we’ve rented (you’d be amazed how many I’ve found in sheds…) that I use as base or finishing coats on any 3D wall hanging or furniture pieces I make.

In a nutshell: I like taking useless/unwanted/planet-clogging stuff and letting it contribute to something visually enjoyable that celebrates nature. I also love using twigs, rocks, gold thread and gold-painted leaf skeletons in the things I make. My brother once surprised me with a big bag of leaf skeletons he and his wife collected for me because they had a feeling I could use them in my art…so sweet and so right!! I’ve been using them in my art ever since. With drawings, I use mainly traditional materials (ink, felt markers, pencil crayons, paint…the carcasses of which I use in my 3D stuff…) with touches of wood, metals, the leaf skeletons, and paper layering. “Soul portraits” are my favourite things to make for people, which you can find more information about here.

None of us are here for very long, and this current display can be very strange and scary at times. But we all have something to contribute to each other, and the capacity to make everyone’s life better with each small or big choice we make. Whatever I make for you is an “I love you” in art <3

Thank you for visiting my site and hope to connect soon.