alanced View is a grassroots peace movement and global community of support and empowerment to know that peace as a lived reality. There are countless free videos and audio available on the website that have been a beautiful part of my day for years; bringing a potent presence to how I look at and operate in life.


Alex McCorgan creates engaging, informative short documentaries on space and our solar system. I look to Astrum to learn more about the amazing planets and space around us, and have my mind blown by the latest beautiful HD images as Alex perfectly explains what exactly I’m looking at while sharing his genuine enthusiasm.


Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. I’ve experienced great natural opening and benefit from the use of psychedelics, and am grateful MAPS is devoted to legitimate studies documenting the benefits of this kind of therapy, and making it more available to those it may help.


immy is a brilliant noticer who compiles information and documentations/images of a history we are never taught, and suppression that usually goes unnoticed. He presents this information clearly and intelligently, and I appreciate him putting himself out there and shining a light on so much mystery of our past and present.