I like to tinker around with various materials and make drawings, 3D things, music, and whatever else. The materials vary or change over time as I discover things, but the creating is always the same and from the heart. It’s a pure delight and I’m very grateful for every opportunity to relax and see what emerges ௦° It’s also granted me the privilege of connecting with so many beautiful people I would have never otherwise met…
maybe you will be one of those people :)

Thank you for visiting my website! Please be in touch with any questions or inquiries ✌🏻

”Whatever is born is impermanent and is bound to die. Whatever is stored up is impermanent and is bound to run out. Whatever comes together is impermanent and is bound to come apart. Whatever is built is impermanent and is bound to collapse. Whatever rises up is impermanent and is bound to fall down. So also, friendship and enmity, fortune and sorrow, good and evil, all the thoughts that run through your mind – everything is always changing.”

"As the rain falls on the just and unjust alike, let your heart be untroubled by judgements and let your kindness rain down on all."